Who's Who

RSPB Cymru

RSPB Cymru
Sutherland House
Cowbridge Road East
CF11 9AB

Contact Details
Mabel Cheung
Position: Conservation Manager (Wales)
Phone: 02920 353010
Email: [email protected]

Organisational Objectives

The RSPB works for a healthy environment rich in birds and wildlife by protecting and enhancing biodiversity, particularly birds. Developing a better understanding of and interest in birds and their habitats. It has joined with bird and habitat conservations to form a local partnership called BirdLife International.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

The RSPB is involved in undertaking and supporting scientific research pertaining to the birds of estuarine , coastal wet grassland and Atlantic Saltmeadow ( and other) habitats; it then works to ensure that appropriate information (including international, national, Welsh/English and local policies) is properly reflected in the land use policy relevant to the estuary and its surrounds. It does this through examining and commenting on programmes, plans and policies of the statutory sector. In addition , the RSPB is involved with the management of nature reserves, in particular with the Gwent Levels Wetland Reserve and West Sedgemoor on the Somerset Levels. We provide information on birds to Members and the public.


RSPB is interested in any aspect which has an impact on the internationally important Severn Estuary.