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Sedgemoor/Bridgwater Harbour Authority

Bridgwater Harbour Authority
Port of Bridgwater
C/O C F Spencer & Co Ltd
The Old Malt House
West Street
BS29 6DB

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Contact Details
Captain Chris F Spencer
Harbour Master
Phone: 01934 822666
Fax: 01934 823111
Email: [email protected]

Background of Organisation

A Statutory Harbour conservancy and pilotage authority, operating under the auspices of Sedgemoor DC since 1988. The port of Bridewater was established under a 1845 parliamentary Act and covers twenty five square nautical miles of mainly inter-tidal sand and mud banks off the coast (Brean Down to Hinkley Point), and over fourteen nautical miles of tidal estuary and river (Parrett, Brue and Axe), but with a comparatively low level of trade and low density leisure usage.More specifically the areas included within the port are:

  • Bridgwater Bay from Brean Down to Hinkley Point
  • the River Parrett as far as Bridgwater
  • the River Brue as far as Highbridge
  • a small part of the tidal River Axe
Organisational Objectives

Principal objectives is safety of navigation policies and related matters, namely providing pilotage, aids to navigation, surveying channels etc.

As Competent Harbour Authority Sedgemoor Council has responsibilities mainly under the 1845 enabling Act, relating to:

  • Navigation and mooring
  • Safety of shipping and the public
  • Right of access of vessels and the public
  • Provision of pilotage services under Pilotage Act 1987
  • Maintenance of navigation channels and navigation aids
  • Waste management plans
  • Administration.
Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

There is a considerable overlap with various other council policies. In a nutshell relevant policies include:

  • Navigation Safety
  • Coastal Protection (as provided for under the Coast Protection Act 1949 Sedgemoor Council
    Planning )
  • Conservation and Environmental Enhancement (e.g.Bridgwater Bay National Nature Reserve (NNR) was created in 1954 and SACs under European Legislation, etc.)
  • Economic Development and Tourism
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Pollution Control and Monitoring
  • Inland Waterway Management


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