Who's Who

South West of England Regional Development Agency

South West of England Regional Development Agency
Corporate Headquarters
Sterling House
Dix's Field, EXETER
Devon, EX1 1QA

Contact Details
Simon Hooton
Phone: 01392 214 747
Email: [email protected]

Background of Organisation

The South West of England Regional Development Agency was established in 1999.

Organisational Objectives

The South West of England Regional Development Agency's most important role is to ensure the long-term economic success of the region, by promoting the right skills among its workforce, the most innovative businesses, and a high quality environment. Specific Objectives of the Agency include:

  • to provide the conditions in which businesses can thrive
  • to consider the different social and economic needs of areas that the Agency covers and ensure that individuals, businesses and communities make the most of new opportunities
  • to gather and share the best intelligence for the benefit of everyone in the region, and promoting the South West both in the UK and abroad
  • to help make the South West more attractive as a place to live and work and do business.
Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

Environmental policy is a top priority for the South West of England. The region boasts a rich and diverse environment with one third designated nationally for its landscape quality. The Social Research and Regeneration Unit (SSRU) and Marine Science and Technology (MST) research centres based at the University of Plymouth were commissioned by Marine South West and the South West RDA to examine and assess education and training provision and needs for the sector in the South West of England. And crucially, to identify the skills that employees of the sector require, now and in the future, to aid in 'up-skilling', the workforce. A Report of the study is avaialble. Another project commissioned by the SWRDA discussed the the future of the South West coast. This report, along with other publications can be downloaded from SWRDA Publications Page.