Who's Who

Trust fot the Promotion of Environmental Awareness

Trust fot the Promotion of Environmental Awareness
17 Nichols Road
North Somerset

Contact Details
Carolyn M Stubbs
Position: Artist and Writer
Phone: 01275 817795
Email: [email protected]

Background of Organisation

The Trust was founded following the creation of a unique environmental artwork - 'Yesterday, Today, the Future...'. Taking over 2 years to complete and backed by the Environment Agency, the work features a montage of detailed images made from tiny slivers of recycled paper. Tracking and predicting the effects of pollutants, the collages chronicle environmental hazards through time, and with a vision of the future. The artwork was selected by Sir David Bellamy & the Conservation Foundation to receive the Wessex Watermark National Award. The work has been exhibited in Bristol, Gatley on-line Gallery and is currently featured in the Art Not Oil website.
Founder: Carolyn Stubbs (Arist & Writer)
Trustees: Professor James Mitchell, Mark Pasterfield

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Trust is to identify and constructively publicize, issues of environmental
concern, both to the general public and to policy makers in Government and Industry.