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Wessex Water

Wessex Water
Claverton Down Road
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Contact Details
Ruth Barden
Position: Environmental Services Manager
Phone: 01225 52600
Email: [email protected]

Background of Organisation

Wessex Water is one of the 10 regional water supply and sewerage businesses of England and Wales.

Organisational Objectives

Wessex water is committed to giving all our customers excellent standards of service by providing high quality water and environmental services that protect health, improve the environment and give customers good value for money.

Some of the Water Company objectives are to:

· Advise local and central government as a consultee in the planning process
· Manage company land holding;
· Ensure safe recycling of sewage;
· Promote recreational use of inland surface water reservoirs and land owned by the company;
· Provide treatment and disposal of waste water from domestic and industrial properties;
· Monitor effluent properties;
· Provide mains water supply
*Conserve water resources through targeted investment in order to supply water without restriction
· Monitor quality of public water supply;
· Exercise a duty of care under the Water Act for consideration of conservation and archaeological sites.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

Wessex water has a Wessex Water Biodiversity Action Plan, WWBAP, whihc was the first corporate initiative of its kind to be based on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. The Company's wildlife conservation work has developed into a coherent package of activity, including:

• providing funding to projects carried out by wildlife organisations - the Partners Programme
• action to minimise the impact of building new infrastructure, such as treatment works and pipelines
• work to enhance biodiversity on Wessex Water land, such as the sites of treatment works.

The Company also operates an environmental policy with an aim to:

- reduce our emissions of solid, gaseous, and liquid matter to levels at which adverse impacts on the environment are avoided
• take water and other resources from the environment at a level that is in balance with the expected rate of regeneration
• do all we can to comply with, and where possible to better, directives, consents and codes issued at European, national and local levels
• protect the environment through our operations and encourage those who use our products and services to do the same
• operate in a socially responsible manner
• be fully prepared to cope with operational emergencies that might affect the environment
• lead by example in our region in both contributing towards its sustainable development and integrating sustainability into business practice.

Other relevant policies include a fishing and recreation policy with the operation of Wessex Water Reservoirs.

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