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    The Memorandum of Understanding

    On the 15th January 2003, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the SEP and other estuary wide organisations to acknowledge the importance of working together during the development and implementation of plans/initiatives that have an estuary wide remit.

    The Chairs of the organisations meet regularly and have the remit to assess the value of the MoU in helping to integrate such activities and a variety of interests around the Severn Estuary.

    The parties to this Memorandum and their areas of interest include:

    Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP)

    The implementation of the Strategy for the Severn Estuary.

    Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities (ASERA)
    The development of the management scheme for the Severn Estuary European marine site (nature conservation).
    Severn Estuary Coastal Group (SECG)

    Shoreline Management Plan
    (coastal defence)

    North Devon and Somerset Coastal Group (ND&SCG)
    Shoreline Management Plan
    (coastal defence)
    Standing Conference of Severnside Local Authorities (SCOSLA)
    Planning and development issues
    e.g. renewable energy
    Bristol Channel Counter Pollution Association
    The development of the Bristol Channel Counter Pollution Plan.

    All parties recognise that the geographical area, the similar organisations involved and the timing of the plans/initiatives provide an opportunity for the groups to integrate administrative arrangements, share information and co-ordinate the policies and related actions which are developed by their work.

    The MoU has been drawn up in an attempt to:

    Promote understanding about the relationship between the aims of each initiative
    Encourage joint working where appropriate
    Integrate existing administrative arrangements
    Share expertise and information

    A Gateway website has been developed which allows you to access information and data on each of the organisations involved.

    Enter Gateway Site

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