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Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association (ECSA) Conference:

7th - 9th April 2008:


Strengthening the Scientific Base of Estuary Management on the Severn Estuary - Dr Rhoda Ballinger

Margistm: A GIS Based Water Quality Modelling and Anagement Tool as Applied to the Severn Estuary - Alan Berry & Neil Murdoch

The Fish Assemblage of the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel - David J. Bird & Lyn C. Newton

Sampling and Modelling Water and Sediment Nutrient Concentrations Along the Salinity Gradient in the Upper Loughor Estuary - B. Bockelmann-Evans, F. Abdulgawad, X. Wang & R. Falconer

Public Forums on the Potential Use of Tidal Power from the Severn Estuary - Dr Mervyn Bramley

When the Tide Goes Out - The Biodiversity and Conservation of the Shores of Wales, The Severn Estuary - Gabrielle Wyn & Paul Brazier

Increasing Archaeological Knowledge: The Severn Estuary Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment - Toby Catchpole

Sea Bed Geology in the Inner Bristol Channel and Gateway to the Severn Estuary - J.W. Ceri James

Transport and Reactivity of Contaminated Estuarine Sediments: Coupling Hydrodynamics and Geochemistry in a High Capacity Flume - F. Couceiro, W. Rauen, G.E. Millward, B. Lin, A. Turner, R.A. Falconer & P.D. Jones

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Environmental Issues Related to the Installation of Tidal Stream Turbines - Nick Croft, Alison J Williams, Medzid Muhasilovic & Mark Croft

An Overview of the Envrionmental Consequences of Estuarine Tidal Power Barrages: Environmental Saviour or Environmental Vandalism? - Michael Elliott

Environmental Impacts Associated with the Position and Operation of a Tidal Barrage and Lagoons in the Severn Estuary - Wade, R.J. & Evans, M.T.

The Severn Barrage and Other Options: The Hydro-Environmental Impact - Roger A. Falconer, Binliang Lin, Reza Ahmadian & Junqiang Xia

Severn Estuary Coastal Habitat Management Plan - Natalie Frost

Patterns of Eutrophication and Industrial Pollution in the Bristol Channel - Anthony J Harris & Ed Morgan

The Potential Impact of a Tidal Power Barrage Within the Severn Estuary on Migratory Fish - Graeme Harris, Peter Gough

Counting Fish in the Bristol Channel with Echosounders on Ships of Opportunity - Ian Horsfall & Rob Fidler

Changes in Loadings From Discharges and Freshwater Inputs to the Severn Estuary: The Present Compared with 30 Years Ago - P.J.C. Jonas, S May & M. Waite

The Fine Sediment Regime of the Severn Estuary - R. Kirby

Trends in Contaminants their Bioaccumulation in the Severn Estuary - W.J. Langston, G. Millward & P. Jonas

An Approach to Quantifying and Valuing Ecosystem Goods and Services in the Severn Estuary - Mangi, S.C., McNeill C.L., Austen M.C. & Linley A.

A Laboratory Protocol for Assessing Nutrient Release From Cohesive Estuarine Sediments - Andrew J. Manning, Mark F. Fitzsimons & Simon Ussher

The Utilisation of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Investigate the Feasibility of Siting a Tidal Stream Turbine in the Inner Bristol Channel, UK - Evans, P.S., Mason-Jones, A., Wooldridge, C.F., Fryett, I., O'Doherty, T., O'Doherty, D.M.

Species Distributions: A Miscellany of Anomalies - Chris Mettam

Dissolved abd Particulate Metal Concentrations in the Severn Estuary: Results of Surveys in 2004 & 2005 - GE Millward, P. Jonas & WJ Langston

Sand Migration Around Two Nearshore Sand Banks from Repeat Sonar Measurements of Dunes - Neil Mitchell & Thierry Schmitt

Plankton of the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel: Seasonal and Year to Year Abundance of the Mysids and Natant Decapods - Lyn C. Newton, Peter A. Henderson & David, J. Bird

Digital Marine and Coastal Zone Mapping for Use in GIS; Land-Sea Integration for the Severn Estuary - Dr Mike Osborne & Mike Glassborow

Coastal Sediment and Nutrient Dynamics at Newport Wetlands - Perkins, R.G., Mottram, D. and Rimington, N.

Predicting Morphodynamic and Sediment Transport Processes in a Diverging Channel Flow Model - William B. Rauen, Roger A. Falconer, Frangkai Ma, Binliang Lin.

Mitigating the Envrionmental Impact of Tidal Barrages: The Challenge of Fish Passage - Iain J. Russon and Paul S. Kemp

An Overview of Legislative and Policy Drivers for Science and Management on the Severn Estuary - Dr Tim Stojanovic

Long-Term Ecological Monitoring of Industrial Effluent Discharges to the Severn Estuary, 1965 to Date - Swarbrick R.H., Brown A.R. & Field M.D.R

Temporal Variability of Water Levels, Currents and Salinity in the Severn Estuary - R.J. Uncles

The Bristol Channel, Severn Estuary, and Severn Barrage: Data Collected, and Conclusions Drawn, by Plymouth Scientists, 1970-1990 - R.M. Warwick, R.J. Uncles &P.J. Somerfield

The Mersey Tidal Power Study - Dave Watson, Wendy Hogben, Ian Leaper, Ian McDonald & Peter Guthrie

Site Selection Protocols for Tidal Stream Turbine Deployment in the Bristol Channel - A Case Study - M.R. Willis & I. Masters

Severn Estuary Partnership Supporting Stakeholder Involvement in Decision Making - Natsha Barker

The Outer Bristol Channel Marine Habitat Study - A.S.Y. Mackie, J.W.C. James T. Darbyshire, E.I.S. Rees, S.L. Philpott, K. Mortimer, G.O. Jenkins, A. Morando, L. Murphy & C. Poulton

May 2008