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Events of 1607 - 400 years on!

‘Flood 400’ is a church and community partnership set up in 2006 to commemorate the ‘Great Flood of 1607 in 2007. The villages of Redwick, Nash and Goldcliff and their communities along the shoreline of the Severn Estuary, have traditional rural communities which were significantly affected by the flood.

The 1607 flood was a significant natural disaster during which hundreds of lives were lost, homes destroyed and thousands of acres of farmland destroyed, depriving local people of a livelihood and an income. This disaster affected most of the South Wales coast, along with parts of Gloucestershire, Somerset and North Devon.

A commemorative religious service was held on the actual anniversary of the ‘Great Flood’ -
January 30th 2007 - with the Bishop of Bath & Wells. A packed church, including local people, civic dignitaries & local schools, gathered to commemorate the great loss of life & the affect it had on these local communities. The service was a fitting tribute, incorporating aspects of church liturgy from the 17th century as well as more contemporary ones.

A series of events are taking place throughout 2007 under the banner of ‘Flood 400’ focused around the only public buildings in these communities; the church, village hall & public houses. Events include lectures, exhibitions, religious services, school visits, guided tours & walks, etc. The culmination of these events will be a festival weekend which will include heritage exhibitions, a flower & craft festival, guided tours, audio visual displays, guest speakers and choral & music concerts. Local schools are involved in the planning and creation of ‘Flood 400’. The anniversary presents a unique occasion to use our actual local history from 400 years ago to commemorate and communicate fundamental questions for people & society today.

‘Flood 400’ events will be held throughout 2007. Flood 400 festival weekend will take place between 24th – 28th May 2007 at the churches in Redwick, Nash & Goldcliff & at Redwick Village Hall. Contact: [email protected] to receive e-mail notification of all Flood 400 events.

Richard Jones, Flood 400 Planning Group – 2007