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Guidance Notes

New guidance notes for planners and decision-makers have just been produced by the Severn Estuary Partnership in conjunction with the statutory authorities and South Gloucestershire Council. European funding through the ‘Coastatlantic’ project made this work possible.

The Archaeology of the Severn Estuary – a guide for planners, developers, decision makers and local communities provides a wonderful insight to the history of the estuary. It illustrates a range of archaeological finds that have been revealed by previous development activity and shows just how much potential there is for new discoveries. Steps to follow when planning development or reviewing activities and proposals are given, to ensure careful consideration of the archaeological potential in and around the estuary.

Habitats and Species
The Habitats and Species of the Severn Estuary - a basic introduction for developers and decision-makers explains the nature conservation designations and designated features of the Severn Estuary Special Protection Area (SPA) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). It shows why the Severn Estuary requires special attention when considering plans for development activity.

Local Produce
Promoting Local Produce – innovative ways to conserve and enhance the cherished landscapes and habitats of the Severn Estuary and levels is an innovative guide to help promote our local economy. With examples from across the Atlantic coast of Europe, South Gloucestershire Council show how we can help promote the local economy by buying local produce. The guidance note is accompanied by an interactive local food website pilot project to apply lessons learned: www.southgloslocalfood.org. The guidance note provides advice and recommendations for hosting local food forums, food quality marques, branding, cooperatives, food festivals, events and centres of excellence.

All three Guidance Notes are available from the SEP office in hard copy. Click here for a copy of the Guidance Notes in electronic format.

February 2007