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New Interpretation Panels Unveiled

Local School Children helped celebrate new estuary panels

To mark the importance of migratory birds within the estuary, two new interpretation panels have recently been installed at Severn Beach and New Passage in South Gloucestershire. They have been funded through the Severn Estuary Partnership to highlight the important habitats around the estuary which support so much wildlife and so many people. Members of the local Parish Council and South Gloucestershire Council were joined by pupils the local Primary School to celebrate the unveiling of the new interpretation panels at Severn Beach and New Passage. The unveiling was followed by a bird watching session in the company of local Ornithologist Rupert Higgins from Wessex Ecological Consultants. South Gloucestershire Council are looking into the feasibility of setting up a local nature reserve in this area.

Similar interpretation panels have also been prepared by the Severn Estuary Partnership working with Newport City Council for the Gwent Levels. They were also funded through the Coastatlantic project with match funding from EC Interreg and the Department for Communities and Local Government. The SEP are keen to assist other communities and local authorities provide interpretation panels around the estuary.


February 2007