Who we are

The All-Wales Young People's Climate Change Forum (YoCCo Forum) has been funded by the Beacons Project for a period of 18 months (December 2009 until 2011). It is a collaboration between Cardiff University, the Wales Youth Forum for Sustainable Development, the Severn Estuary Partnership and Techniquest.

What we want to do

Influence the way young people in Wales think about their role and influence in a world with a changing climate, informed by best available science. How we have done this:
  • Trained academics and policy makers in engagement techniques
  • Set up four 4 Welsh regional youth fora to review adaptation options for climate change impacts
  • Produced an education pack and web site for Welsh secondary schools and colleges
  • Produced a “young people’s climate change response” policy document to inform decision makers about young people’s views on climate change adaptation.
Who we have involved:
  • Young people from rural coastal communities across Wales
  • Education experts from across Wales
  • Senior level policy makers from national and local government, environmental agencies and non-governmental organisations.

All Wales Young People's Climate Change Forum Poster


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